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Laura Hammon Beasley


Making a joyful noise

Raised in Mandeville, Louisiana, just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, music has always been a large focus of my everyday life.  I grew up in a musical family who appreciated and participated in the arts on large scale.  My music education progressed through avenues of avocational training and opportunities as I enjoyed piano and vocal training as well as stage production and acting all the way through college and thereafter.

I began teaching preschool music in 1995 at a local Christian pre-school. Three years later, I was recruited to teach for a local music academy on both the North and South shores of Lake Pontchartrain. It was during my time at that academy when I was asked to design a private lesson model in which to build the academy beyond preschool level music. After building that program, I was unfortunately troubled with some health issues that forced me into a hiatus from teaching. During that healing process, my husband and I decided that it would be best for me to restart my music instruction as a sole proprietor and Laura Beasley’s Music Studio was born.


Fast forward 27 years… I have taught so many students and for so long that many of my studio family members are now grown, married and with children of their own. It is a thrill to me to still be in touch with so many of my first students; I’m shoring up their musical gifting and now even teach some of their children!

With a new logo and updated internet presence, I have changed the official name of my studio to Beasley Music Studio as of September 1, 2022. I look forward to many more years of teaching my current studio base as well as adding you to my studio family in order to help you grow in your musical gift!

"We laugh a lot here in my studio…that’s a must!

We must be able to laugh at ourselves as we reach towards our goals."

My Philosophy on Musical Arts Instruction


The intentions of music are clear; to celebrate the Holy Spirit of God and to reach and move the spirit of mankind. Music and music training should be FUN! However, the fun part usually comes with success and success is usually found after many repetitions and strong attention to fundamentals. Therefore, I intend to train my students to the best of their ability, not letting them get away with mediocre or lackluster effort. We laugh a lot here in my studio…that’s a must! We must be able to laugh at ourselves as we reach towards our goals. When my students leave each lesson, it is my sincerest hope that they feel good about what they learned and improved while they were here and that they left feeling sincerely loved and not judged by their instructor.

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