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Piano Instruction

Piano lessons from

BEGINNER level to



  • Music Theory included with
         every lesson

  • Piano Instruction for ages
         four years through adult

  • Half-hour and Hour lessons

  • Adult lessons full hour only

  • Comprehensive Notation, Theory 
         and Chord Piano

            for all ages and skill level
            (to Advanced Intermediate)

  • Sight Reading

  • Stage Presence

  • Audition, Performance and Music           School/Program Entry Prep

  • Online sessions available for
         ages 10 and older

  • No Recitals


Vocal Training from BEGINNER level


  • Vocal instruction for ages              eight through adult

  • One Hour lessons only

  • Fundamentals of Vocalization
         for Singers, Actors and
         Public Speakers

  • Pitch and Tonal Instruction,
         Support and Correction

  • Sight Reading Instruction
          with some Theory

  • Stage Presence

  • Harmony Training

  • Praise and Worship
         Musical Theater

  • Audition, Performance and Music           School/Program Entry Prep

  • Online sessions available

  • No Recitals

Hour Lessons - $160 flat rate per month

Half Hour Lessons - $80 per month

Intensive Sessions – Price to be determined at time of booking

Fees for Band/Group and Recording Studio Musical Direction
to be determined at booking
Musical Direction

If your garage band is looking to

up their game to get

higher paying gigs or gigs with

more exposure,

I’m just what you need!

If your singing group needs help

with your sound,

I have your back, too!

Group instruction on site,

in my studio, and online.

Recording Studio Instruction/Musical

If you are interested in recording,

there are several things for which you need to be prepared.

I will prepare you for recording

as well as attend your recording sessions to give you musical direction

as needed between takes.

I will work with the sound engineer

and producer to help create

a recording you will be proud to share-- whether it’s for demo purposes

or for a family memoire.

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